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Hey folks! If you’ve been paying attention to me on Twitter or Tumblr, then you know that I’m involved in a brand-new multimedia project that my friends and I have put together! And if you don’t, then that’s why I’m making this post!

Me and my friends from the Center for Cartoon Studies have created Blank Party, our brand of Let’s Plays and comics anthologies all about one of our most favorite things in the entire world: video games! We just started uploading videos for our first two games, ChexQuest and Banjo-Kazooie, and we’re going to have a special announcement on Wednesday the 15th!

Here’s our YouTube channel:… (I’m sure someday Youtube will update that gobbledygook with our actual channel name)
and here’s our website:

Also: ALL of our videos are manually and accurately subtitled. We want our deaf/hard of hearing friends to enjoy them, too!

This has been super exciting to work on and I am super excited to share it with all of you! I’ve been wanting to do Let’s Plays and more video game stuff for FOREVER so this is like a dream come true. Enjoy, and I hope you’ll consider submitting to our comics anthologies in the future!


:icongraylingcomic: :iconslightlydamned:


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Combak Featured By Owner 54 minutes ago
Kazai, when some one attacks the guy who killed your boyfriend, you attack the killer, not the new guy! Besides, you're wasting chances to save him!

And Keiri, please figure out Iratu is Iratu quickly...
CaryTheEagle Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
Sanjulo's relationship with Kazai really gave the current event a lot more emotional impact. Sanjulo is the new Sakido. Inb4 someone tells you to bring him back into the comic.
Bilbobagginsbuscus Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Student General Artist
Hey Chu, i originally made this for your birthday, but i never got around to finishing it untill now because of schoolwork.

andretimpa Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, that's one way to meet your boyfriend's family.
069x-ray Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
What the heck?! Did that douche just... get knocked off by one of their own...? hmmmmmm....
Len-n-n Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
Iratu methinks....
069x-ray Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
Now why would he do that... maybe just wanted to steal his kill. xD or something else....
mhtg Featured By Owner 6 days ago   General Artist
A few possibilities 1 its Iratu A they need living angles B he smells his brother on her, 2 Its Broxis the wolf- Melli the bee was just murdered without any descendants to inherit her place, that makes it more than just a fight between heaven and hell, it makes Medius unstable and the purpose of the guardians is to protect medius, so sides don't matter as much when one of them is gone- they all have to pick up the slack. I want to bet 1B Iratu smells Buwaro all over Kieri- but he'll claim it's 1A and that he cant have Azurai killing them.
Diana-Chi Featured By Owner 6 days ago
They need living angels though, remember? He can't have Azurai killing them all now. What they need them for is another question though.
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