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So The Story Continues &#973
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Sarah "Chu" Wilson
United States
Current Residence: The desert
Favourite cartoon character: Scrooge McDuck, David Xanatos, Captain Tylor, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi/Wild Tiger
Personal Quote: "Whatever floats your boat without sinking mine."
Hello folks! I hope you've been enjoying Slightly Damned and Soprano of Time! My summer vacation is almost at an end in the blink of an eye. When I return to school, I... well, I won't stop working on those things, but I will have a renewed focus on Junk Hyenas. It's gonna be one wild ride.

If you like my stuff and you would like to support my endeavors, I recently opened two easy ways for you to offer your support!

Here is my catch-all Storenvy shop with buttons, zines, Slightly Damned plushies and more:

And here is my Patreon account where you can be a patron and receive exclusive goodies in exchange:

Thank you all for your continued support and kindness!


Slightly Damned:

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FatJubei98 Featured By Owner Edited 11 hours ago  Student General Artist
Do you mind if I use your photograph from your ID for a school project? We have to get a photo of someone who helped "inspire" us for American History class and since you're one of the few I actually feel helped me with improving my art I thought "Hey, Sarah did quite a bit of "inspiring," so I can use her!" and now I just want to know if I can use your likeness for a school project.
raizy Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
As long as it's just for the school project, I don't mind.
mhtg Featured By Owner 2 days ago   General Artist
Now I am even more egar to see how Kazai reacts when he learns of the stranger happenings with his sister, considering how concerned he was about her reaction to his relationship... 
DarkanelTD Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Too many pretty wolve's face toguether....*die by overdosis*

I love it.
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Lewche-Enthirius Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Interface Designer
Slightly Damned needs comment section! D:
Faceslapper Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I think having a list of comments below every page rarely adds anything of value.  It breaks up the flow when reading through the archives, and shifts the focus away from the direct link between artist and reader.  Instead of experiencing the art and story undiluted from the person whose work you came to see, now you're getting noise pollution from strangers - and instead of each page flowing straight into the next, now it comes with a barrage of misspelled footnotes that the author has no control over.  There's no reason to interject other people's opinions in the middle of what you're trying to read.

Comments on art sites work much better because each piece is discrete - you take in the art, then comment and discuss.  Embedded comments between pages of a story just end up being distracting.
Lewche-Enthirius Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Interface Designer
I see your point, but I would myself like atleast a seperate forum, which still in the page, but lets say link away, where you could comment on the comic, I feel frustated myself when i cannot comment on stuff when i'd want to do so (which is rather rare tbh) especially as none of my friends follow any webcomics :/
CaryTheEagle Featured By Owner 3 days ago
The main issue with comment sections is that a very small fraction of the comments are hateful.  
Lewche-Enthirius Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Interface Designer
Oh, yeah, i hate that 0.001% of the part in comment section <.< I dont understand why people ever even bother to go onto the comic if they dont like it, yet to even to post hateful comments :/
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