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Sarah "Chu" Wilson
United States
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Hello folks! I hope you've been enjoying Slightly Damned and Soprano of Time! My summer vacation is almost at an end in the blink of an eye. When I return to school, I... well, I won't stop working on those things, but I will have a renewed focus on Junk Hyenas. It's gonna be one wild ride.

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Slightly Damned:

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069x-ray Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Stupid brainwashed brother, unwilling to understand... he makes me laugh, and at the same time he makes me angry, both because I think he's rather pathetic.
Yoshimario40 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Man that reunion really could've gone better.
Combak Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I'm betting we'll switch over to Rhea and Buwaro regrouping with the Sinclairs next week, just to keep some suspense.

By the way, the seraph's name is spelled differently on pg. 656 and pg. 657. Which one is correct?

Also, I think I know what's going on...
raizy Featured By Owner 22 hours ago
It's supposed to be Verammi. :w oops
Combak Featured By Owner 22 hours ago
You're welcome! ;p
Omnikrystal Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago
I'm re-reading the part about Darius raising the three demons now. Sometimes I forget how powerful and touching of a chapter that is.

As for the present tense situation, I want to know why Kieri didn't tell Kazai that Buwaro risked his life to save her twice. If she had told him the part about Buwaro taking a lightning shot from the crazy Seraph in Weyville in her place and almost DYING in the process, he might have stopped to rethink his arguments, because that blows any theories like "he's trying to trick you" clean out of the water.
Len-n-n Featured By Owner 6 days ago
At the same time, Kazai seems brainwashed enough to twist that around in his head.  He probably would have retorted that, if it were a Seraph doing it, then it must have been right--the "he's one of us" mentality--the same he used for Verani (sp?).  And he probably would have decided to believe that he was hitting Kieri by accident.
Omnikrystal Featured By Owner 5 days ago
It would probably take some time to convince him of the truth, but between the fact that Denevol really WAS trying to kill Kieri, Buwaro saved her twice, three times if you count bringing her in from the snow when she was injured as a bunny and stopping Rhea from eating her, the fact that he was the one who led Kieri to find Kazai again, he hasn't attacked her once in the time they've known each other, and he's been the primary force keeping her sane, there isn't much room for doubt.
Len-n-n Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Not for the rational mind at least, nor to the eyewitness.  But I think that's the thing: Kazai isn't acting rational, nor did he see the events for himself.  If he's so wrapped up in his "demons are are all evil and angels are always right" dogma that he's actually convinced that his sister has Stockholm syndrome.  He jumps to conclusions and doesn't listen. 

There really ISN'T any room for doubt, but Kazai WANTS to doubt, so he'll MAKE room.  It'll sadly take more than some explanations to snap him out of it.
(3 Replies)
mhtg Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014   General Artist
Go Crunky, show him who's boss, I hope Kazai at some point realizes that perhaps what he has been taught isn't ALWAYS true, full reconciliation wont happen in the near future, however it is easy for people to make paradoxical exceptions, even without fully accepting the bias they are making exceptions to is therefore wrong. time will tell
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